Business Performance
John Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd. offers quality products and services for auto cooling fans and blowers.

With over 40 years of experience in this industry and buoyant passion, we are driven to deliver excellent services, reliabilities along with groundbreaking solutions.
We integrate the innovative technologies from Taiwan and stable manufacturing from Thailand to provide quality products. With more than 90% parts production in-house, we ensure impeccable quality along with reliable delivery.
Our key mission is to set the higher standard of product and service quality and reliability to auto cooling fan and blowers manufacturer industry.

Business Detail
Responsibility President: Mr. Mu-Chun Yang
Established September 1976. (Taipei) May 1991 (Thailand)
Area Taipei office – 350 Sq.m.,
Thailand. – 6,968 Sq.m., (Working area 4,920 Sq.m.)
Capital NT$ 10 M. Taipei (Apr. 1985)
Baht 15 M. Thailand (Dec. 2003)
Employee 114 (Dec. 2004)
Business Scope Manufacture, assemble and sale of electric motors, fans and processing of general hardware components.
Standards & Certification

John Chuan has pursued an ongoing commitment to achieve the highest industry standards. Therefore all our design, production and quality management system were implemented under the international standard ISO 9001’s requirement.

Company History

Customers’ satisfaction is our pride. John Chuan Industrial Co.,Ltd. is commissioning to deliver the ultimate auto cooling fan and blower solution to customers.

Product and service of the
highest reliability
John Chuan Group

No other auto cooling fan manufacturers can offer what John Chuan Group has to offer. Our mission to fulfill customer’s inquisition is our company immediate blueprint which is handled accordingly. Today, John Chuan Group has 4 manufacturing plants in Asia; 1 in Taipei, Taiwan and 3 in prominent locations which are recognized as manufacturing and transportation hub in Thailand.

John Chuan Industrial

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